Students enjoy Masterclass lighting workshop with top advertising photographer, Ray Massey

During our recent curriculum visit to London, PC students had the opportunity to see a true master at work.

Ray Massey has been a photographer for over 25 year and is known for his skill when photographing liquid and controlling light. As part of the student experience Ray kindly offered to extend their knowledge by sharing his talents for the day. A selection of our students had the opportunity to observe Ray at work, witnessing the construction of a still life shoot from start to finish. Ray kindly demonstrated his workflow, from building up his lighting, the formalities of working with liquids and the precise nature of freezing moving water to achieve a perfect result. Most of Ray’s photography is shot in camera, using post-production to enhance and refine these elements.

Ray worked with two different set ups during our visit, the first he used a large purpose built basin, filled with just right amount of water, then added a water bottle at the exact moment, to achieve the combination of moving liquid, splash and the bottle frozen in time. In the second setup Ray used a water filled tank, with coloured gels to capture bubbles and water movements.

Shooting tethered on a Hasselblad with a P45 back, Ray was able to obtain maximum detail and actuary. Ray worked collaboratively with his digital assistant Jem, who added to the wealth and knowledge that the students gained throughout the day.

Our students had the opportunity to assist with the shoot, view a real life-working studio and watch a digital assistant realise the final result. What a fantastic, informative and enjoyable day. Ray was extremely kind to invite the PCA Commercial Photography students into his studio and share his wealth of knowledge and skill.

See Ray’s work at

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