Equipment and Resources

Plymouth College of Art has invested heavily in teaching spaces, photographic studios and digital suites that support the commercial photography curriculum. We provide space, equipment and – crucially – the technical help to make full use of these resources.

Students receiving an induction into medium format digital cameras

Equipment Resource Centre

Our Equipment Resource Centre (ERC) houses around 6,500 items available to our students ranging from small-scale digital compact cameras to full frame Nikon and Canon DSLRs and high-end medium format digital systems such as Hasselblad H5s and Phase One IQF digital backs. Our wide range of lighting equipment across continuous and flash with a broad range of attachments and portable lighting packs includes Elinchrom, Broncolour and Kinoflow, allowing you to be creative with your projects while developing familiarity with industry standard equipment and confidence in your lighting skills.

All equipment can be loaned free of charge by  students following an induction, with 24 hour online booking available, supported with inductions and workshops so that you can build your technical skills in a wide range of equipment. As our skilled technicians are experts themselves in a broad range of disciplines they will provide advice and guidance to ensure you use the technology you need to make all your projects successful.

Studio Facilities

A lot of commercial photographic practice takes place in the studio and our programme is exceptionally well resourced with 4 dedicated studios, bookable via our online booking system and additional facilities within our multi-purpose teaching spaces. These studios include an infinity cove with a an Elinchrom lighting rig and a green screen cove for shooting composites. All of the studios include high-end computing facilities for tethered capture, giving our students access to industry standard commercial photographic workflow.

Digital Suites

In parallel with industry, our commercial photographic curriculum is exclusively digital, with students working with full frame DSLRs from their 1st year, progressing to medium format in year 2. Digital workflow and post production is a key part of what we do, and our students have access to well equipped computer facilities, and specialist post-production suites, kitted out with high-specification Macs, Wacom graphics tablets and colour calibrated Eizo monitors.

Specialist digital production, with industry standard colour-managed workflow

Through a series of practical workshops and expert digital tuition, our students develop high levels in skill in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and other applications in the creative suite including Premiere and InDesign. To develop industry level skills, our curriculum also includes instruction in Capture One Pro, with students having the option to compete the Capture One 2 year certification – a recognised professional qualification that has enabled our students to secure work and assisting opportunities in London studios.