Year 1

Introduction to Advertising Photography

This module will introduce you to the basic principles of photographing objects and products in the studio. Along with an introduction to the practical and technical fundamentals of photography and studio lighting, you will also begin to explore digital post-production techniques.

Introduction to Fashion Photography

This will introduce you to contemporary fashion photography and some of the principles of styling, posing and photographing fashion and beauty models in the studio. The module will further develop your technical and lighting skills, using high-end capture techniques, and will also extend your digital skills to include professional retouching and image editing techniques.

Introduction to Editorial Photography

Taking your photographic skills from the studio out onto location, you will explore the genre of editorial photography. Informed by the study of photo journalism and photographic narratives, you will shoot and design an editorial feature as a speculative submission for a magazine Provided with editorial freedom in terms of subject matter, you will use this module as an opportunity to develop your skills in your preferred field, e.g. Fashion, Sports, Music, news/photo journalism.

Professional Practice 1 Investigation and Preparation

This module will help you explore the structure and standards of employment in the photographic industries. You will start matching your current skills; knowledge and creative practice and investigate opportunities that could lead to your intended career. The module aims to develop your autonomy and build upon future aspirations and help you to communicate and network successfully.

Contexts of Practice 1

This module will introduce you to key ideas and theories, providing a range of critical approaches to support the investigation, interpretation and analysis of contemporary media. You will study a range of ideas and concepts that will inform and enrich your commercial photographic production. You will also develop core research and communication skills to help you to articulate your understanding and build confidence when presenting your work.

Interdisciplinary Studies

This module provides you with an opportunity to move outside of your immediate programme environment, and work with students and staff from other disciplines. You will select from a range of complementary studies electives that are designed to broaden your art, design and media knowledge, as well as enhance creative skills and experiences, which have the potential to develop and enhance your practice.

Year 2

Creative Digital Production

Building on the technical and creative abilities established in Year 1, you will produce a body of work pertinent to your career aspirations. You will extend your knowledge of specialist capture techniques, on location and/or in the studio, and develop your skills in digital production and presentation technologies. In addition to the emphasis on technical skill, the module will encourage you to combine practical expertise and creative thinking with awareness of professional contexts. You will produce a body of high quality photographic work that is distinctive and critically informed.

Client Brief

This module will develop your insight into the commercial photographic industry and help to prepare you for a career as a commercial photographer. You will develop, manage and produce a body of work to professional standards within the constraints of a series of ‘live’ client briefs, whilst adhering to legislative and ethical requirements. This module requires you to develop the practical, specialist and creative skills required to be a successful practitioner in your chosen field.

Professional Practice 2 Experience and Evaluation

You will continue to develop your professional practice, gain practical work-based, experience and extend your knowledge of the creative industries. Working independently you will use your initiative and build upon experiences gained thus far, which will lead to your continued professional development to help consolidate your personal and future career aspirations. You are also required to investigate methods of self-promotion used by professional photographers and develop an appropriate approach to promote your work.

Contexts of Practice 2

In this module you will continue to develop critical approaches to the study of contemporary media, which will inform your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. Through a series of themed lectures and seminars this module encourages you to develop appropriate links between your area of practice and wider debates and discourses.

Year 3

Research, Experimentation and Development

Starting with self-evaluation of your previous work and your intentions for the year, this first module will require you to undertake a period of concentrated research, experimentation and development. The intention is to deconstruct pre-conceived ideas and work patterns, and to allow new creative formations to emerge through calculated risk taking and critical reflection.

Creative and Professional Development

This module is intended to support the further development of ideas, processes and media, but with the purpose of developing these towards finished or presentable outcomes. At the start of this module, you will have identified your own focus for investigation and explained and verified your aims through a Statement of Intent. This will be consolidated into a programme of ideas generation and practical studio work through negotiation with the module leader and appropriate specialist staff.

Creative and Professional Conclusion

This module builds upon the previous achievements to culminate in a final body of work that will function as a platform for entry into the world of professional practice or further advanced study. As such this body of work will demonstrate depth of understanding, creative innovation, aesthetic, conceptual and technical skills, and will be supported by the production of a portfolio of promotional materials relating to personal professional aspirations.

Contexts of Practice 3

The purpose of this module is to underpin the practical production with a detailed understanding of theoretical, social and cultural contexts, enabling you to position yourself as a practitioner by situating creative practice within a wider set of discourses. Working with increased autonomy, and with the support of your research supervisor, you will develop a research project, in the form of a written dissertation, or practice-led research project, that aims to synthesise the relationship between theory and practice and demonstrate your critical awareness.