Showtime: Movie publicity project with top industry photographer

As part of our Special Project week, where students work collaboratively on a range of client led projects, our 3rd year students recently had the opportunity to work with legendary TV and film photographer, Alex Bailey

With a career spanning over 30 years, Alex Bailey is a world-class screen and stage photographer, shooting behind the scenes, unit stills and publicity imagery for major theatre, TV and movie productions. His credits include movies such as Pride & Prejudice, Atonement and Bohemian Rhapsody, and TV productions such as The Crown and the recent BBC series His Dark Materials. 

Utilising Alex’s considerable experience in shooting world-class publicity material, our students were set a straightforward, but challenging task. Taking inspiration from the theme of The Dark Mid-winter, they were asked to conceive a cinematic narrative, and produce a publicity poster for the film.

Spending two full days with us, Alex spent time working with the students, discussing their ideas, helping with planning and supporting their productions. Sourcing models, clothing, and locations, and in some instances designing sets, the students had one week to plan, shoot, and produce their posters, using Adobe Photoshop to composite the imagery and add text. The project was a real test of the all of the creative, visual and technical skills that our students have spent the last 2 years acquiring.

End of the week review with Alex

The project culminated with a group critique at the end of the week, with Alex reviewing all of the work produced and selecting the winning poster. This was a genuinely difficult challenge, as many of our students produced some outstanding publication quality work, but after much discussion the 1st prize went to Jake Lynch for ‘Other Side of the Door’

The other side of the Door by Jake Lynch

2nd and 3rd prizes went to Lewis Barnard (Barney) and Imogen Bradburn, whose work demonstrated some exceptional compositing skills in Photoshop

Midwinter by Lewis Barnard
Lost Voyage by Imogen Bradburn

The movie poster project was great fun for everyone and importantly provided a unique opportunity for our students to work with a leading industry professional. Our thanks to Alex Bailey for his time, energy and enthusiasm. Alex has joined our ever expanding list of top visiting lecturers and we are looking forward to working with him again in 2020.