Masterclass lighting workshop with internationally acclaimed photographer

As part of our enrichment curriculum this year our students were treated to a masterclass lighting workshop with internationally acclaimed photographer Urs Recher.

For over a decade Urs Recher has served as head photographer and consultant at broncolor in Switzerland, playing a pivotal role in the products, content and imagery of the company.

urs public

Urs’ expertise in lighting was clearly evident in the fantastic full day workshop provided for our students. The session included an informative talk about Urs’ experience in the industry and a lively and engaging workshop where he demonstrated his approach to lighting products and people, using a range of different techniques and lighting modifiers. The workshop also provided a great collaborative opportunity, with garments being provided students from our BA Fashion programme, and styling and make-up from our BA Fashion, Media and Marketing programme.

For many of our students, Urs’ workshop was one of the highlights of the year. Commenting on the product lighting section of the workshop where Urs lit a black product on a black background and successfully lifted the broncolor logo, 3rd year Ian Underwood commented, “That lighting set-up was incredible, I never knew you could do that!” Eleanor Balsdon, another of our 3rd year students was similarly impressed – she left the session saying “That man is a wizard, he has completely blown my mind!” 

Our thanks to Urs for delivering such a fantastic session for our students.